May-day May-day!

It’s been too TOO TOOOOO long since our last blog-post. I laugh at how you always have these, “Ok, we will write a blogpost at least once a week”-new years resolutions and then, somehow, it ain’t that easy. How did May happen, how? Life flies by. Flies. Like in literally. Once the year is in full swing, there is no turning back and “once-a-week-blogposts” feels like way too much to ask.

We’ve got lots to share!! And to be grateful for, that’s for sure. We’ve been busy with concerts, like the famous Starlight Classics at the beautiful Vergelegen Estate, performing in the Voice of the Nation Ensemble with amazing humbly stars such as Lira and Elvis Blue. We also realized once again that we have the best colleagues in the world.

IMG_1535 IMG_1494

There was also the Bravo! Kyknet concert for the Suidoosterfees & The Fleur de Cap Awards. Wow, all these GRAND concerts! We feel quite honored to perform at them. And I musn’t forget to mention the Templeton Awards Ceremony at St. George’s Cathedral for Desmond Tutu. What a honour!

All of the above were memorable performances, including our first opera for the year – Otello – somehow we didn’t manage to take some photos there. Because it wasn’t just Otello, it was Lucia de Lammermoor with our amazing and stunningly beautiful sister & friend Pretty Yende. She is literally conquering the opera world, and the world it seems. We love her! She inspires us all.


Yet, even better news is that we won the Opera Chorus of the Year Awards at the first International Opera Awards on 21 April in London. Now, Wow. That’s something. But it ain’t stopping there…oh no, drummroll…


Buki has been chosen for the 2:30 Opera that tours to Stockholm, Sweden, from 21 May – 4 June 2013.  It’s an opera about mining from 1920 until the Marikana incident. She is the only South African female in the piece. And as if that wasn’t enough, tomorrow we leave for Germany for another legend and unforgettable Porgy&Bess Tour. I must say, I think this one might be the shortest one to date!

We are also celebrating that Jacobi has been chosen for William Kentridge’s new production “The Refusal of Time” and will have to tour for that in between our work at Cape Town Opera and as Sabela Sisters.

Better yet is that we finally, after auditioning for them in January, have our BUSKER WATERFRONT pass in our hands! That means Sabela Sisters will be performing from now until the end of October in Waterfront, mainly at the Clocktower, for your entertainment! Please come and support us! More details to follow. In the meantime we have to get these tours out of the way, wangle a CD a bit and get the show on the roll!


We are also excited to show off a new youtube video of ours. This is a clip of a performance we did at Invia, a church in Reddam High Greenpoint, on Goodfriday. It’s a Zulu prayer, and we must say, one of the new favourites we added to our repertoire. Have a listen:


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