Recordings at Niel Roux Studios

We have made some new recordings at the end of last year at Niel Roux Studios. He is a great friend of ours and we are so lucky to work with this man who is such a great musician with a professional ear. Our previous recordings are a bit out-dated that it was refreshing to get some new music going. Click on the menu bar “sound clips” to have listen to our new tracks. They are the ones on top:


Mira, O Norma

Ah guarda Sorella

Ah perdona a prima affetto


You can also have a look at our hand-made videos on Youtube, we have shot some footage in Australia, Barcelona and Bordeaux, France. Might become a regular thing seeing that we are heading to China in November!!! Look out for the Great Wall…


IMG_8202 IMG_8204 IMG_8207


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