a blessed and happy 2013

We would like to wish all our brothers and sisters a happy and blessed 2013!

As we take on the New Year at Cape Town Opera, Sabela Sisters is also ready and eager to get out there and make our mark!

much love, peace and symphonies. xxx

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The beauty of the Mount Nelson Hotel

The other day Cape Town Opera had a concert in Mount Nelson with Cape Town Opera..oh, how we fell in love with that hotel!! Oh my goodness, have you seen the hotel interior? The carpets? The view of Table Mountain? The beautiful spot in the heart of Cape Town made us want to take photos in every little corner. It is as beautiful from the inside, as from the outside!

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A trip down 2012…UK, Berlin & OZ

I will never forget the holiday Buki went back home and had to make “pap”  – UMQOMBOTHI – and beer for her family, friends and ancestors…she showed me some pics as proof!

I was soooo impressed with all her skills! I would like to show off what I mean 🙂

Then, as if UK wasn’t enough (check older posts with some pics on the 2 month tour we had with Cape Town Opera),  there was the amazing experience of Melbourne, Australia….who doesn’t want to see that part of the world? Obviously it was amazing, but enormous. It is big, and very far. We had crazy jet-lag and were very tired throughout the week. Still it was an enormous honour to experience. We found the people very friendly. They have this weird way of asking how are you, like “how you going today?” Really? How you going? Im going fine thanks! It was fun though. We felt very safe, although its is such a big place, but there is lots of young and funky people. One of the bestest memories of this time will stay the trumpet player along the Yarra river one night in the waterfront, playing tunes that filled the air with a dreamy atmosphere. This magic and also the audience’s appreciation of South African talent will stay with us forever. They were in awe. Looking forward to go back there someday and flaunt our amazing dresses again. Look here to see what I mean!!

Ok, maybe you can’t see much, but at least we look splendid don’t we? It is so amazing to have such amazing team of people make such AMAZING dresses for you. I must say, we can’t use the word “amazing” enough. That really sums up the year that has been. And the team, we cannot be more grateful. Life gives us more than we ever thought we could get out off.

There were some memorable artwork down the line, used in the form of EP covers, business cards and the whole nine yards…

And then of course, we practically ended the year of with the best time of our lives, the most amazing people we could work with from all over the world and the best photos…


Oh yes, we can’t forget the Berlin’s theatre awesome canteen..it really had the best cake for sommer cheap-cheap!



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Ok! So new Madiba-wear deserves new photos!


We would like to showcase our new beautiful dresses to you, taken by the beautiful Alexia Beckerling. We loved spending some proper time in her studio. Eish, Buki&I love the camera a lot, although a photoshoot can be hard work! Espcially making it look like we’re having fun! We don’t like looking all formal and non-south African. That’s the thing we South Africans have in common aint it? Free-spirt, touch of craziness and loads of spontaneity!!!


Let us know what you think of them!!!


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Oxford Concert @ The Sheldonian Theatre

We are in UK for Porgy&Bess! Tonight we had the best show ever in Oxford with the Voice of the Nation Ensemble. Everything is going so well, 7 weeks of touring with one city down and 5 to go!  Its hectic, but amazing! A chance of a lifetime, that the Sabela Sisters is very thankful for to be apart of. we get to travel a lot and the people who experience our performances have LOVED it. Its been raining a lot…we actually miss SA weather, so enjoy it for our sake! Next stop – Scotland!

Ps. be sure to catch Porgy&Bess in Cape town Oct 2012!!! Photies of UK Tour to follow.
















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Our favourite photographer…

Check out Adri Roos’s Photography blog! She is responsible for our fun photoshoot in and around Kayamandi. She writes about us:

“Sabela Sisters is more than just a music duo. They are friends, and call themselves sisters. They sing together; opera, classical and contemporary pieces and both of them part of Cape Town Opera.

We drove around Kayamandi and through Stellenbosch; trying to capture the colors of their voices in the colours of our surroundings. We had fun”
Here’s the link –

Adriana Roos Photographycargocollective.comAdriana Roos Photography

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Some pics of our Jozi launch…


were you here? check out some of our audience members…

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Check out our dandy new outfits for 2012 – ready to take it on by storm! Let us know what you think – there will be more coming 🙂


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Youtube &Soundclouds

There’s lots more that has also been happening…we have just put some mp3’s on our site for the first time for you guys out there to listen to and let us know what you think! This soundcouds is available on our Songs page.

Also be sure to check us out on Youtube – we’ve opened up our own channel with a few Sabela Sisters performance clips from our concerts!

Follow this address: http://www.youtube.com/user/SabelaSisters

Share the loooove! Arrivaderchi…for now. Xx

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La Traviata Opening Night








Tonight is the night….Toi Toi Toi they say in Italian – which means GOODLUCK! Or Break a leg, the famous theatre sayings! Well, up till now Verdi’s La Traviata has kept the Sabela Sisters quite busy, but they are having a blast with the fun costumes and creative stage..you don’t want to miss this flamboyant production! Come and see us at our best!

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